E01.52: Types and Stages of Audiation

In this episode, I give an overview of the types and stages of audiation.

Mentioned in this episode…

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2 thoughts on “E01.52: Types and Stages of Audiation

  1. Annette Bohsung

    Dear Heather Shouldice,

    I thank you so much for your Work!! It help me a lot to teach the children. I discovered your Podcast in October 2021, after a Workshop in Germany about MLT with Gudrun Girszal, Claudia Ehrenpreis and Jeanne Kompare-Zecher. I was so Happy after the Workshop, because IT feels Like I have Something found for what I was all my live looking for. But than I came Home and I did Not know how to teach my self. Your Podcast did it!!!! I listen and learn so much!!! Excuse my Bad english, but I want to say thank you!!!

    With best regards, Annette from Berlin

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