This song is in LYDIAN tonality!

Here are some more songs in Lydian tonality…

This is one that many people cite as an example of Lydian tonality, which the opening line (“The Simpsons!”) definitely suggests. However, if you listen carefully, it also uses a lowered 7th scale degree (whole step between 7 & 1), which suggests Mixolydian. According to Gordon, this would make it “Multitonal.” For more examples of multitonal music, click here.
But this one is Lydian, right? If you listen closely, it does have the raised 4th scale degree… but it also has the lowered 7th scale degree, making it another Lydian/Mixolydian combo.
OK, but THIS one is totally Lydian… right??? Maybe. Maybe not. If you hear D as home, then it could be. Personally, once I hear the refrain, I can’t hear anything but A as home. This then makes me hear the chords in the refrain as IV-V-vi-V in A Major rather than I-II-iii-II in D Lydian.

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Know other songs in Lydian tonality? Share them in the comments!

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