E01.13: Formal Instruction vs. Informal Guidance

In this episode, I focus on the differences between formal instruction and informal guidance. 

E01.13: Formal Instruction vs. Informal Guidance

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3 thoughts on “E01.13: Formal Instruction vs. Informal Guidance

  1. Irene

    I LOVE these podcasts! I can be gardening or cooking and listen to them at the same time – so wonderful!

    Most of my students in the formal learning stage grew up in family environments where tuere is little music heard or performed in any way! Not knowing any better before I’ve already started them down the path of formal music learning. Some are taking exams. Their first and for many, on going exposure to music of ANY kind is through our studio! But now i know I need to expose many of them to informal learning. But I’m not sure how to introduce this with late intermediate and up. It feels strange to have them sing and move from Music Moves Keyboard games for eg. Any ideas thoughts appreciated. Thank you!!

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