E01.01: What Is Audiation?

In this episode, we examine the first of three core tenets of MLT: Audiation!

Everyday Musicality: Episode 01.01 (What Is Audiation?)

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3 thoughts on “E01.01: What Is Audiation?

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    1. Heather Shouldice

      Hi Craig! That depends on what note values you’re perceiving as macro/microbeats. If you were feeling the dotted-half as a macrobeat (DU) and quarter as microbeat (DU-DA-DI), a set of six eighth notes would be DU-TA-DA-TA-DI-TA. Gordon used to use the syllables DU-TA-DE-TA DA-TA-DE-TA DI-TA-DE-TA for sixteenth notes, but he more recently updated them to DU-AH-LE-AH DA-AH-LE-AH DI-AH-LE-AH (with LE pronounced like “lay”). Neither one is perfect, and most/all syllable systems break down once you reach a certain point. Eventually our audiation will exceed the need for syllables anyway. 🙂

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